Why art ?

Art is far more than a simple pleasure.

Art astonishes

First and foremost, art fills people with wonder. Through its beauty, complexities, fleeting and changing nature, it calls out, intrigues, and stirs emotion. Its nature and functions are manifold. Whether an object for contemplation or collection, art will always be an object of emotion.

Art is also the synthesis of a moment, of a society. It embodies the spirit of the times. Examining its varied aspects, art allows us to better understand our own current position within contemporary society, and also gives us precious keys to the past.

The refined pleasures of fine art encourage learning

Secondly, Taylor’s Art English cares about making the useful enjoyable and the enjoyable useful – thereby ensuring the effective and efficient improvement of language skills.

It is well known that we advance much more quickly in learning a language when there is a true need and longing for discovery, understanding, and sharing. It is therefore only natural that people who care for art, or who particularly wish to improve their knowledge in this field, will be all the more adamant about learning the language that grants them valuable access.,

Art stimulates encounters

Finally, art is a great way to bring people together, to unite teams, and render intercultural exchanges all the more effective as well as pleasant. A real benefit of Taylor’s Art English is that we allow people to meet others who share their professional and/or private interests.

Art has become a real phenomenon today

Last but not least, beyond being a great source of pleasure, art has become a true cultural phenomenon in a whole new way, to the extent that it regularly makes headlines.

It would be a shame to not understand topical subjects or completely bypass a current cultural phenomenon that is very much a sign of our times.

Beneficial thought: Creativity is good for us!

Creativity is how we express ourselves, and there is literally an infinite number of ways that we can do this. All artists follow their inner voices to those unique destinations they generously share with us.

We also encourage our clients to listen closely to their own inner voices – and express them in perfect English!

Martine U., responsable communication

J'adore communiquer et ma grande
passion depuis toujours est l'art.
Le principe de lier les deux me plaît énormément.