Why learn English?

Taylor’s Art English is about going beyond conventional limits and pushing back both interpersonal and cultural borders.

English allows you to broaden your horizons on the professional level, but also in your private realms of activity.  English is not just the key to climbing the international career ladder. It is also access to culture and to information.

Did you know that close to 80% of internet content is in English? What’s more, English multiplies one’s possibilities for travelling, dialoging and forming new contacts – in short, English serves the art of living!

Everything we offer at Taylor’s Art English is designed so that your English will indeed rapidly improve, through means that are as useful as they are original.

Whichever type of client you are, you’ve got good reasons to improve your English!

- art professionals
- companies
- art lovers and connoisseurs

Art (market) Professionnels
Whether you are a curator, gallerist, artist, journalist, project manager, or art critic, the subjects covered, which include presenting, negotiating, dialoging , writing, will all serve you in your everyday business interactions.

Companies in sectors other than the arts
Whether it’s a matter of turning the cultural riches of both your country and others into a real business asset, or of increasing your teams’ work output by nourishing their minds and improving their language skills, the method we offer can provide real results quite quickly.

Private individuals – beginners and art connoisseurs
Whether you know nothing or everything about art, whether you’re an English language beginner or already at an advanced level, our method will allow you to develop your English language skills while engaging with subjects that interest you personally or professionally.

Why learn English?
Laquelle des trois phrases suivantes est entièrement correcte ?

Réponse 2)

There was a Monet exhibition at the Grand Palais last year.
Quelle est la bonne traduction de « nature morte » ?

Réponse 1)

still life
Laquelle des trois phrases suivantes est entièrement correcte ?

Réponse 1)

The photographer makes photographs.
Complétez la phrase : « François Pinault is a famous … »

Réponse 3)

Complétez la phrase : « Christian Boltanski is … »

Réponse 3)

Christian Boltanski is participating in the Venice Biennale this year.
Complétez la phrase : « Taylor’s Art English … »

Les trois sont justes !

Taylor’s Art English is fun and useful.

Taylor’s Art English allows me to practice and improve my English.

Taylor’s Art English provides me with the opportunity to improve my knowledge of art.