Our method

Improve your English under optimum conditions, which is to say:

  • Gain confidence and fluency in verbal communications
  • Enhance your understanding and written expression skills
  • Master the grammatical structures according to your present level
  • Expand your general vocabulary and actively use it
  • Learn, deepen, and refine your technical vocabulary specific to art and put it into practice

Our method is founded on variety and diversity.
Taylor’s Art English

  • Takes into account the needs and precise objectives of each participant. In practice, this involves an assessment and analysis of needs.
  • Articulates training around different themes in art, from the Renaissance to modern art, or to the most contemporary creations, encompassing painting, sculpture, photography and contemporary practices, all beyond the typical scope.
  • According to individual objectives, TAE works on  everyday business or general communication skills, such as telephone and email correspondence, negotiating, and effective networking
  • Proposes a stimulating “multi-media” approach, involving visuals, audio components, and written texts to improve both comprehension and expression, thus enabling each participant to understand and make effective use of course content.
  • Uses a participatory or “dynamic” approach based on active participation through guided discussions, simulations and role plays.

Naturally, we pay attention to the environment in which our training sessions and courses are provided.

Thanks to our partnership with a highly recognized Business English training center in the 2nd district of Paris, lessons always take place in settings that are conducive to learning.

  • We encourage you to complete your classroom training with immersion day-trips to London and curated art walks in Paris, which are designed according to training ambitions and the interests of participants. The same holds for meetings organized with stakeholders in the art world (artists, gallery owners, journalists, experts, academics).
  • Exchanges and meetings with other learners or native speakers such as the art news conversation club, ‘Newsworthy Conversation© in which participants gather to talk about art market news, upcoming and current events,  or simply what’s being talked about more generally. Our ‘Art Tea© sessions are equally cosmopolitan and filled with talk about art and culture. (‘Art Tea’ with Taylor’s Art English is a delicious conversational break in an art establishment or in a chosen location, where afternoon tea is served with cultural subjects of conversation.)
Our method
Taylor's Art English a également besoin d'apprendre. Nous aussi cherchons continuellement à nous dépasser.

Toujours à l'écoute de nos clients un questionnaire de satisfaction est soumis aux participants au milieu et à la fin de leur formation dans le cadre d'un processus d'amélioration continue.
La philosophie de Taylor's Art English nous incite à travailler en coopération avec nos clients et nos partenaires.

Nous sommes particulièrement heureux de notre étroite collaboration avec Drouot Formation, ICB/ ICB Europe et 2 heures d'art par mois, des partenaires de qualité.