Taylor’s Art English is a new approach to

learning and perfecting English as a second language that

draws on art as a springboard to excellence.


By combining the history of art, its media, and recent market news with

English language learning, Taylor’s Art English doubles your satisfaction

in learning, communicating, and sharing your (art) critical thinking.


With Taylor’s Art English, art becomes the unifying subject to

motivate groups and raise individual learning ambitions too. 


Taylor’s Art English is also an international gateway for French

art market professionals. Auction houses, galleries, artists, and writers

come to us because we provide:

  • Translation services (from French into English)
  • Art Business English group language training or individual coaching
  • ‘100% Art & English’ Immersion sessions (London day trips; art walks or museum visits in Paris)
  • Customized workshops


Taylor-made means it’s all tailored to your needs.

We are your international gateway!

Translations are here – with Lucie helping! Recruiting a part-time Assistant/ Intern We’re back! C’est reparti à Londres du 19 au 20 octobre 2013 pour 100% Art & 100% English