M. Who are your clients?

  • One arts magazine

Whether it’s for translations, rewriting, editing or creating shortened versions of articles and interviews with leading figures in the arts, this client knows they can trust Taylor’s Art English to ensure the magazine’s content matches its glossy finish.

“A grand first mission accomplished,
I’ll continue to work with such a
high-quality provider that
invests themselves so fully.”
Client A

  • One leading auction house

A leading French auction house regularly entrusts Taylor’s Art English with catalogue and website material for translating. This client benefits from the reassurance of total discretion, meaning any details mentioned even in individual language coaching sessions never leave the premises, as officially guaranteed via a non-disclosure agreement.

“It’s good to work with
a service provider who is
as efficient and reliable as
pleasant to work with.”
Client X

  • Two art galleries

These galleries know Taylor’s Art English is up to the task of delivering high quality translations in minimum time. In addition to press releases, TAE assists with certain art fair applications or sponsorship requests that also require excellent English texts.

“It’s good that they
deliver high quality translations and
are always responsive.”
Client Z

  • Five major contemporary art ventures

Art establishments and events of various kinds know they can always call on Taylor’s Art English for timely and reliable responses to any translation or language coaching requests.

“You’re by my side every day.
I even laminated one of your handouts
from a training session, to keep it on my desk.
Every time I write an email, I cast an eye on it.”
- Client Y