Recruiting a part-time Assistant/ Intern

Working at Taylor’s Art English for two and a half years has been a wonderful experience. I will nonetheless be leaving soon to start
graduate school and am therefore looking for a motivated, charismatic, and intelligent person to step in as my replacement.

When I first started at TAE I had never spoken French before, because I had just arrived in Paris from the USA. My role as an intern helped improve my French (yes, surprising but true!). Even if you are already fluent in French, the opportunity to use it in a professional setting is invaluable experience. TAE duties have included: editing French-English translations for grammatical and linguistic improvements, creating various training material for English coaching sessions; carrying out research for lectures and presentations; organizing contacts, books, and files; updating social media; creating promotional material, and helping to organize English-language art tours in London and Paris. As a small company, run by an auto-entrepreneur, the internship experience is very different compared to working for a large company. Many of my ideas have been heard, considered, and even implemented. Also, in a large company, you don’t get to see the small details which form the basis of every business. Working with Nicola, you do.

If you or someone you know, is a native English speaker with an interest in English and art history don’t hesitate to contact Nicola or myself for more information or to set up an interview.

- Denali Kemper
, Art Historian